Adventure Tourism Business Operations
Certificate and Diploma Options

Complete the certificate level courses and then study 1 more year to earn your diploma in Adventure Tourism Business Operations.

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docs icon Certificate Level

To earn your 1 year certificate you need to complete the following:

Course Number Course Name
Required Courses
- view course descriptions for required
ATBO 101 Principles of Tourism
ATBO 105 Wilderness Travel
ATBO 106 Experiential Leadership and Guiding
ATBO 107 Natural Interpretation
ATBO 109 Risk Management
ATBO 121 Backpacking Level 1
ATBO 123 Introduction to Outdoor Skills
COMP 153 Introduction to Data Processing
ENGL 100 English Composition
ATBO 114 Wilderness First Aid
Electives (Choose 3 of the following)
- view course descriptions for electives
ATBO 131 Whitewater Kayak Level 1
ATBO 132 Lake Water Canoe Instructor
ATBO 133 Sea Kayaking Level 1
ATBO 135 Raft Guide Skills Level 1
ATBO 141 Rock Climbing Level 1
ATBO 142 Ice Climbing Level 1
ATBO 151 Ski/Snowboard Instructor Level 1
ATBO 152 Winter Backcountry Travel Level 1
ATBO 171 Mountain Bike Skills Level 1

Note: A student who meets the prerequisites may choose instead to do any elective that is offered to the ATBO diploma students.

docs icon Diploma Level

Complete the ATBO certificate and you can earn a diploma in your second year by completing the following courses:

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Course Number Course Name
Required Courses
- view the descriptions for the required courses
ACCT 263 Financial Accounting for Tourism Majors
ATBO 201 Advanced Natural Interpretation and Environmental Education
ATBO 207 Sustainable Tourism and Environmental Stewardship
ATBO 208 Cross Cultural Tourism
ATBO 213 Work Experience Practicum
ATBO 221 Backpacking Level 2
MGMT 316 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MKTG 281 Principles of Marketing
Choose one Academic elective course
ATBO 210 Capstone
PLUS: Choose 3 of the following:
- view the course descriptions for electives
ATBO 230 Swiftwater Rescue Technician
ATBO 233 Sea Kayaking Level 2
ATBO 235 Raft Guide Skills Level 2
ATBO 241 Rock Climbing Level 2
ATBO 242 Mountaineering
ATBO 250 Avalanche Skills Training Level 2
ATBO 252 Winter Backcountry Travel Level 2
ATBO 260 Adventure Industry Certification

pointer right Note: A student may also choose instead to do any elective that is offered to the ATBO certificate students, as long as the student finishes the diploma with at least 12 elective credits overall.