Business Management
Program Design

General Program Description

The program prepares you for employment in accounting, marketing, financial services, hospitality, local governance and other management training positions in a variety of organizations including corporations, small businesses, non-profits or local government.

Diploma Programs

The diploma programs are offered both part-time and full-time, and and courses are available both in-class and online. Choose your area of study from the following program streams:

Don't worry if you're not sure which you prefer -- you're not locked in to those options.  If you start in Marketing and decide that Accounting is more your style, you can switch disciplines.  Just be aware that you may have to pick up an extra course or two to fulfill the credential requirements. Refer to the course requirements for more details.

One Year Certificate Option

If you choose to exit any of the diploma programs after the first year, and you've successfully completed your courses, you will be granted a Business Management certificate.  You can also register directly into the Business Management certificate program.  Have a look at the first year of courses in each diploma program and decide what best suits your interests and career aspirations.  An Education Advisor can assist you with this if you are unsure. 

Transfer Opportunities

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