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Bray, Joan
Ph:N/A | Rm#:KC191B
Health, Human and Family Programs - Faculty
Ph:3499 | Rm#:KC229F
International Education and Development - International Projects and Marketing Specialist
Brinkert, Kerry
Ph:3631 | Rm#:KC229E
International Education and Development - Manager, International Projects and Partnerships
Ph:3330 | Rm#:KC246B2
ABE/ELP/OFAD/Trades - Department Head
BUTT, Jonathan
Ph:3298 | Rm#:KC104C
IT Services - Director, Information Technology
Ph:3236 | Rm#:KC230N
Enrolment and Student Services - Registrar and Manager of Institutional Research
Cooper, Jennifer
Ph:3372 | Rm#:KC110B
Child, Youth & Family Studies - Faculty
Damstrom, Jennifer
Ph:3284 | Rm#:S115A
Health, Human & Family Programs - Lab Assistant
Demers Brittany (Sjoblom)
Ph:3281 | Rm#:S219
International and Regional Development - Executive Assistant Partnership and Advancement
Fairhart, Jessica
Ph:N/A | Rm#:I-110
Hospitality - Faculty
Fiorentino, Jocelyn
Ph:3228 | Rm#:KC185
UVIC Teacher Education Program - Administrative Assistant
Ph:3511 | Rm#:Timber Framing
Trades - Faculty
Girvin, Jennifer
Ph:3545 | Rm#:150D
Health, Human & Family Programs - Faculty
Gutzman, Jenny
Ph:3434 | Rm#:
Continuing Education/Contract Training - Essential Skills Program Coordinator
Ham, Jennifer
Ph:3391 | Rm#:S111
Heath, Human & Family Programs - Faculty
Hebert, Jenepher
Ph:3360 | Rm#:110
First Aid Department - 
Hill, Jackie
Ph:3300 | Rm#:218
Registration - Enrolment Services Officer
Inglis, Jennifer
Ph:3383 | Rm#:KC245-A3
Marketing and Communications - Information Officer
Inquiries, Indigenous
Ph:3389 | Rm#:S209 and AGP Lower Level
Indigenous Education - Contact: Jo Ann Smith
JACKSON, Heather
Ph:3258 | Rm#:KC245-A2
Communications and Marketing Department - Manager of Communications and Marketing
Jimenez, Shawna
Ph:3211 | Rm#:KC261A
Health, Human and Family Programs - Faculty
Johnson, Ben
Ph:3483 | Rm#:P105
Trades - Faculty
Johnson, Jessie
Ph:7108 | Rm#:I-108
Health, Human and Family Programs - Faculty - HCA
Jones, Marla
Ph:3512 | Rm#:KC202K
Health, Human & Family Programs - Faculty
Joy-Correll, Greta
Ph:N/A | Rm#:G104
 - Faculty
KAUN, Joan
Ph:3402 | Rm#:236A
Office Administration (OFAD) - Faculty, CORFA President
King, Johnny
Ph:3365 | Rm#:KC231
Production Support Centre - Document Specialist
Ph:5103 | Rm#:F101
Fernie Campus - Administrative Assistant
Martin, Bethany
Ph:3557 | Rm#:KC229F
International Education and Development - International Project Officer
Ph:3486 | Rm#:KC230K
Student and Enrolment Services - Education Advisor
McGinn, Jan
Ph:3753 | Rm#:KC249-2
Health Human and Family Programs - Faculty
Mendenhall, Jody
Ph:3419 | Rm#:KC120H
Library - Librarian
Moes, Jack
Ph:3224 | Rm#:KC 245-B3
 - Dean of Trades and Technology
Pickering, Jodie
Ph:3539 | Rm#:KC207C
Kinesiology - Faculty
Quinn, Jeff
Ph:3406 | Rm#:KC207-B
Health, Human and Family Programs - Faculty
Ruiter, Chelsea
Ph:3468 | Rm#:KC229F
International Education and Development - International Project Officer
Schoenberger, Julie
Ph:3314 | Rm#:KC230F
Student and Enrolment Services - Research Analyst/Scheduling Coordinator
Shackleton, Janice
Ph:3477 | Rm#:KC253A
Health, Human & Family Programs - Faculty
Siemens, Jen
Ph:3627 | Rm#:S104
Health, Human & Family Programs - Faculty
Smith, Jenn
Ph:3359 | Rm#:S121
Continuing Education & Contract Training - Regional Programmer
Smith, Jo Ann
Ph:3389 | Rm#:S209
Indigenous Education - Indigenous Education Coordinator
Streich, Jan
Ph:3431 | Rm#:S216
Financial Services - Budget Analyst
Sudo, Robin
Ph:3553 | Rm#:S119
Contract Training and Development - Project Coordinator
Vogell, Jani
Ph:3454 | Rm#:KC263D
Kinesiology - Faculty
Ph:3473 | Rm#:230J
Student and Enrolment Services/University Studies -Learning Specialist - Learning Specialist / Faculty
Ph:3510 | Rm#:Pinnacle 107
Trades: Automotive Service Technician - Faculty
Ph:3436 | Rm#:150I
University Studies / Business Administration (BMGMT) - Faculty