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Aarts, Annette
Ph:3408 | Rm#:KC263A
University Studies - Faculty
Abbott, Louise
Ph:3594 | Rm#:KC191A1
University Studies - Faculty
Adams, Michele
Ph:3294 | Rm#:KC120
Library - Circulation/Administrative Support
Andrichuk, Cori
Ph:3201 | Rm#:KC230U
Student and Enrolment Services - Manager - Student Life and Athletics
Andruschuk, Katie
Ph:7113 | Rm#:I-110
Student and Enrolment Services - Education Advisor
Avalanche, Coach
Ph:3319 | Rm#:
Athletics & Student Life - Men's Volleyball Coach
Ph:3428 | Rm#:KC263E
University Studies - Faculty
Beck, Susan
Ph:3218 | Rm#:S217A
Finance & Corporate Services - Contracts & Risk Management Advisor
BELL, Brian
Ph:5105 | Rm#:126
Fernie Campus -Tourism, Hospitality & Lifestyle Management -Mountain Adventure Skill Training (MAST) - Coordinator
BETHUNE, Darrell
Ph:3321 | Rm#:KC245-B2
 - Dean of Business and University Studies
Beugeling, Trevor
Ph:3620 | Rm#:KC150B
 - Faculty
Bidder, Karen
Ph:3475 | Rm#:Distance
Contract Training and Development - CBT Training Fee Support Program Coordinator
Blake, Oliver
Ph:3454 | Rm#:KC263D
Kinesiology - Faculty
Boehmer, Kevin
Ph:3398 | Rm#:KC140F
Business Administration - Faculty
Ph:3526 | Rm#:KC104
IT Services - Systems Architect, Mobile & Telephone Systems Support, Help Desk Technician
Booth, David
Ph:3205 | Rm#:S215
Financial Services - Controller
Bouliane, Nicole
Ph:3427 | Rm#:S217
Financial Services - Financial Services Technician
Ph:3370 | Rm#:KC246B
Department Heads - Administrative Assistant
BOWRON, Patricia
Ph:3272 | Rm#:S219
International and Regional Development - Vice President, International and Regional Development
Ph:3499 | Rm#:KC229F
International Education and Development - International Projects and Marketing Specialist
Brinkert, Kerry
Ph:3631 | Rm#:KC229E
International Education and Development - Manager, International Projects and Partnerships
Bryden, Kevin
Ph:3544 | Rm#:KC104
IT Services - Help Desk/Desk-Side Support Technician
Burles, Katie
Ph:On Leave | Rm#:KC263-B
University Studies - Faculty
BUTT, Jonathan
Ph:3298 | Rm#:KC104C
IT Services - Manager
Catsirelis, Pam
Ph:3282 | Rm#:Purcell House Office
Student and Enrolment Services -  Residence Supervisor
Chanda, Chisanga
Ph:3462 | Rm#:S109
IT Services - Help Desk, Desk-Side Support
Chen, Demin
Ph:3413 | Rm#:KC230F
Student and Enrolment Services - Research Analyst
Chung, Stan
Ph:3245 | Rm#:KC245-B4
 - Vice President Academic and Applied Research
Ph:3236 | Rm#:KC230N
Enrolment and Student Services - Registrar and Manager of Institutional Research
Conference Room S209
Ph:489-8244 | Rm#:S209
Student and Enrolment Services - 
Conference Room S220
Ph:489-8233 | Rm#:S220
Student and Enrolment Services - Room Booking
Ph:3380 | Rm#:255-C
Student and Enrolment Services - Regional Transition Coordinator
Cummings, Becky
Ph:3435 | Rm#:KC229
International Education and Development - International Student Coordinator
Davidson, Brittany
Ph:3242 | Rm#:S119
Continuing Education and Contract Training - Administrative Assistant
Davies, Mary
Ph:3208 | Rm#:KC243
HR / Human Resources & Payroll - Human Resources/Benefits Technician
Dearden, Diana
Ph:3519 | Rm#:KC185A
UVIC Teacher Education Program - Program Coordinator
Demers Brittany (Sjoblom)
Ph:On Leave | Rm#:S219
International and Regional Development - Executive Assistant International and Regional Development
DICK, David
Ph:3417 | Rm#:255B
University Studies - Faculty
DIRK, Marcel
Ph:3320 | Rm#:150E
University Studies - Faculty
Doerksen, Megan
Ph:3285/3553 | Rm#:14
Contract Training and Development - Mountain Hospitality Program - Coordinator
Dolson, Laurel
Ph:3528 | Rm#:
Student and Enrolment Services - Mail/Supply Administrative Support Assistant
Dueck, Nathan
Ph:3386 | Rm#:KC150-J
University Studies - Faculty
Ph:3308 | Rm#:230D
Student Services - Counsellor
Ehnes, Caley
Ph:3481 | Rm#:150-G
University Studies - Faculty
Eitle, Andrea
Ph:6104 | Rm#:109
Golden - Education Advisor
Exam Invigilation Services
Ph:3304 | Rm#:KC230A
Student and Enrolment Services - 
Financial Aid and Awards

Ph:3264 | Rm#:218
Student and Enrolment Services - Financial Aid
Fiorentino, Jocelyn
Ph:3234 | Rm#:102
Student and Enrolment Services - Enrolment Services Officer
FLINT, Tisha
Ph:3425 | Rm#:S216
Financial Services - Receivable/Reconciliation Technician
Ph:3369 | Rm#:138
University Studies - Faculty
Gardener, Ryan
Ph:3395 | Rm#:KC255D
University studies - Lab Assistant
Gardiner, Gerry
Ph:4112 | Rm#:102A
Creston Campus Access Education - Education Advisor
Gawne, Erin
Ph:3217 | Rm#:KC245A-2
Communications and Marketing - Executive Director, Public Relations
Girvin, Jennifer
Ph:3545 | Rm#:150D
Health, Human & Family Programs - Faculty
Gustafson, Tiffany
Ph:3420 | Rm#:S216
Financial Services - Financial Services Coordinator
HALL, Nathon
Ph:3296 | Rm#:120D
IT Services - Supervisor, Media Services
Hanson, Tarralin
Ph:3595 | Rm#:KC191A1
University Studies - Faculty
Ph:3335 | Rm#:N/A
Trades - Shop Assistant -Planermill Program
Ph:3307 | Rm#:140C
Access Education / University Studies - Faculty
Heigh, Andrena
Ph:3347 | Rm#:KC255-A
University Studies - Faculty
HELP DESK - Student & Staff
Ph:3333 | Rm#:
IT Services - 
Ph:3466 | Rm#:KC245-B4
 - Acting Vice President Academic and Applied Research
Heyde, Ben
Ph:3388 | Rm#:KC 253B
University Studies - Faculty
Hill, Jackie
Ph:3300 | Rm#:218
Registration - Enrolment Services Officer
Hillstrom, Valerie
Ph:3432 | Rm#:KC248
Student and Enrolment Services - Administrative Assistant
Ph:6102 | Rm#:101
Golden Campus - Administrative Assistant
Hoeksema, Kaitlyn
Ph:3276 | Rm#:AGP Lower Level
Student and Enrolment Services - Assistant
Hulbert, Avery
Ph:3389 Cell: 250-581-0095 | Rm#:KC230Q and AGP Lower Level
 - Coordinator, Indigenous Education
Hyde, Andrea
Ph:3598 | Rm#:KC191A3
University Studies - Faculty
Inquiries, Aboriginal
Ph:3389/3209 | Rm#:KC230Q and AGP Lower Level
Indigenous Education - Contact: Avery Hulbert
Inshaw, Sue
Ph:3457 | Rm#:S121
Continuing Education/Contracts Division - Administrative Assistant
Institutional Research
Ph:3486 | Rm#:230F
Student and Enrolment Services - 
International - Fax

Ph:8254 | Rm#:KC229
International Education and Development - 
International Department

Ph:3248 | Rm#:229
International Education and Development - 

Ph:250-342-9221 | Rm#:
Invermere Campus - 
INVERMERE (local number)

Ph:250-342-3210 local 100 | Rm#:105
Invermere Campus - 
Invermere Continuing Education
Ph:250-342-3210 | Rm#:
Continuing Education/Contract Training - 
Isaac, Leigh Anne
Ph:3472 | Rm#:KC249-2
University Studies - Faculty
Juhasz, Shawna
Ph:3530 | Rm#:S217
Financial Services - Accounts Payable Clerk
KAMPS, Steve
Ph:3324 | Rm#:255F
Tourism & Recreation Programs / Human Kinetics / Athletics & Student Life - Faculty
Kaufman, Nicola
Ph:3616 | Rm#:KC243
Human Resources - Human Resources Advisor
Keehn, Loriann
Ph: | Rm#:
 - Auxiliary Administrative Assistant
Kendal Fedun, Colleen
Ph:3401 | Rm#:218
Student and Enrolment Services - Admissions Coordinator
Kermack, Gerilee
Ph:On Leave | Rm#:218
Student and Enrolment Services - Enrolment Services Officer
Knezevic, Saori (Chao)
Ph:3469 | Rm#:229
International Education - 
Knipe, Paul
Ph:3596 | Rm#:KC191A-2
University Studies - Faculty
Knutson, Gail
Ph:3440 | Rm#:S119
Continuing Education/Contract Training -Cranbrook - Auxiliary Administrative Assistant
Kormylo, Andrea
Ph:7104 | Rm#:Room 110
Invermere - Program Coordinator
Korst, Danielle
Ph:3754 | Rm#:
 - Administrative Assistant
Kuervers, Lynnette
Ph:3496 | Rm#:KC249-3
 - Faculty
Kurtz, Carolyn
Ph:7102 | Rm#:I-103
Invermere Campus - Administrative Coordinator
Ph:3421 | Rm#:KC207C
University Studies - Faculty/Applied Research UVic EK TEP and Kinesiology
Lee-Ying, Wayne
Ph:3578 | Rm#:KC229
International and Regional Development - Manager, International Education
LESAGE, Nathalie
Ph:3385 | Rm#:KC182B
University Studies - Faculty
Ph:3437 | Rm#:KC253A
Health, Human & Family Programs - Faculty
Louie, Andra
Ph:3281 | Rm#:S219
International - Executive Assistant International and Regional Development
Ph:5103 | Rm#:101
Fernie Campus - Reception/Registration  - Administrative Assistant
Maguire, Thomas
Ph:3316 | Rm#:KC263B
University Studies - Faculty
Maki, Lawrence
Ph:3609 | Rm#:KC182A
University Studies - Faculty
Martin, Bethany
Ph:3557 | Rm#:KC229F
International Education and Development - International Project Officer
Ph:3363 | Rm#:150C
University Studies - Faculty
McCormack, Danny
Ph:3597 | Rm#:KC191A2
University Studies - Faculty
Ph:3486 | Rm#:KC230K
Student and Enrolment Services - Education Advisor
McHolm, Chris
Ph:3283 | Rm#:KC230C
Student and Enrolment Services - Accessibility Services Coordinator
Meikle, Elva
Ph:4103 | Rm#:103
Creston Campus - Administrative Assistant
Miller, Drew
Ph:3207 | Rm#:243C
HR / Human Resources & Payroll - Executive Director
Millis, Brian
Ph:3572 | Rm#:218
Student and Enrolment Services - Campus Life Programmer
Mitchell, Krista
Ph:On Leave | Rm#:S121
Continuing Education/Contracts Division - Administrative Assistant
MOLNAR, Leslie
Ph:3311 | Rm#:140E
University Studies - Faculty
Ph:On Leave | Rm#:255A
University Studies - Faculty
Ph:3554 | Rm#:S109
IT Services - Systems Architect
Ph:3409 | Rm#:Gold Creek
Trades - Faculty
Ph:3508 | Rm#:218
Student and Enrolment Services - Financial Assistance & Awards Advisor
NELSON, Yvonne
Ph:3223 | Rm#:243A
HR / Human Resources & Payroll - Manager of Human Resources Development
Noronha, Lucinda
Ph:6109 | Rm#:G118
Golden Campus - Administrative Assistant
Ph:3585 | Rm#:262A
University Studies - Lab Assistant
Petersen, Amber
Ph:3646 | Rm#:KC142
University Studies - Faculty
Platt, Allison
Ph:3581 | Rm#:KC230D
Student and Enrolment Services - Education Advisor
Plummer, Lisa
Ph:5102 | Rm#:F101
Fernie - Administrative Assistant
Program, CWS

Ph:3620 | Rm#:150B
University Studies - Faculty
Pusztay, Clair
Ph:On Leave | Rm#:KC229
International Education and Development - 
Ph:3695 | Rm#:102
Bookstore - Bookstore Supervisor
Ramdin, Tara
Ph:3452 | Rm#:110A
University Studies / Child, Youth & Family Studies - Faculty
Rashid, Shahida
Ph:3293 | Rm#:120J
Library - Manager, College Library Services
Registration Help
Ph: | Rm#:KC218
Student and Enrolment Services - Registration Help
Relkoff, Yvette
Ph:3503 | Rm#:KC261B
English Language Program - Faculty
Ph:3378 | Rm#:KC230E
Student and Enrolment Services - Education Advisor
Repp, Bailey
Ph:3356 | Rm#:KC245
 - Photographer/Videographer
Rhodes, Brittany
Ph:3625 | Rm#:KC191A-1
University Studies - Faculty
Richmond, Michelle
Ph:3632 | Rm#:S217
Financial Services - Financial Services Technician
ROBERTS, Larissa
Ph:3239 | Rm#:218
Student and Enrolment Services - Admissions Coordinator
Roberts, Wendy
Ph:3443 | Rm#:228
Facilities - Administrative Assistant
Rockwell-Hoover, Carmen
Ph:4105 | Rm#:C108
Creston - Program Supervisor
Room Bookings
Ph:3266 | Rm#:218
Student and Enrolment Services - Room Bookings
ROSK, Milly
Ph:3266 | Rm#:KC218
Student and Enrolment Services - Call Centre, Room Booking and Events Coordinator
Ross-Ross, Neal
Ph:3306 | Rm#:KC 252
Access Education / University Studies Chemistry Lab Assistant - Lab Assistant
Roxas-Butalid, Lourdes
Ph:3752 | Rm#:14
 - Kimberley Campus Program Administrative Assistant
Ruiter, Chelsea
Ph:3468 | Rm#:KC229F
International Education and Development - International Project Officer
Saffin, Gord
Ph:3382 | Rm#:S109
IT Services - System Administrator
Schachtel, Kristin
Ph:3571 | Rm#:KC218
Student and Enrolment Services - Assistant Registrar
Schoenberger, Julie
Ph:3314 | Rm#:230F
Student and Enrolment Services - Research Analyst/Scheduling Coordinator
Scoville, Corra
Ph:3537 | Rm#:222
Trades - Faculty, Hair Styling Instructor
Scully, Denys
Ph:3206 | Rm#:KC249-6
University Studies - Faculty
Sheridan, Rhonda
Ph:3318 | Rm#:KC218
Student and Enrolment Services - Enrolment Services Officer
Ph:5108 | Rm#:104
Fernie Campus -Access Education / Student Services - Faculty
SILVA, Doris
Ph:3247 | Rm#:230N
Student and Enrolment Services - Director of Student Affairs
Ph:3228 | Rm#:185
UVIC - Administrative Assistant
Smith, Jenn
Ph:3441 | Rm#:KC230R
Student and Enrolment Services - Career and Placement Officer
Smith, Jo Ann
Ph:3215 | Rm#:245B
 - Executive Assistant to Stan Chung, Vice President Academic and Applied Research
Spyksma, Devin
Ph:3516 | Rm#:S109
IT Services - Systems Architect
Streich, Jan
Ph:3431 | Rm#:S216
Financial Services - Budget Analyst
Student and Enrolment Services

Ph:3243 | Rm#:230
Student Services Reception - Student and Enrolment Services Reception

Ph:3243 | Rm#:230
Student and Enrolment Services - 
Student Services / Access Education - Fax

Ph:8218 | Rm#:230
Access Education - Faculty
Sudo, Robin
Ph:3553 | Rm#:S119
Contract Training and Development - Project Coordinator
Ph:3358 | Rm#:125
IT Services - Computer Support Tecnician, Student Help Desk
Svitich, Doug
Ph:3339 | Rm#:227
Facilities - Facilities
Svitich, Sheena
Ph:3591 | Rm#:236D
Office Administration (OFAD) - OFAD Program Coordinator
Sylvestre, Anita
Ph:3415 | Rm#:245B
Deans Area - Program Administrative Assistant
SZOL, Kevin
Ph:3552 | Rm#:Gold Creek
Trades - Faculty
Taylor, Michelle
Ph:7101 | Rm#:I-106
Invermere Campus - Acting Campus Manager
TESLAK, Dianne
Ph:3204 | Rm#:S217
Vice President Finance - Vice President Finance
Thompson, Dylan
Ph:3556 | Rm#:KC218
Student and Enrolment Services - Athletic and Student Life Specialist
Tillman, Rob
Ph:3495 | Rm#:255E
Access Education / University Studies - Faculty
Ph:3337 | Rm#:KC232A
Trades - Administrative Assistant
Ph:3237 | Rm#:218
Student and Enrolment Services - Enrolment Services Officer
UVIC Education Program - Fax

Ph:8268 | Rm#:185
UVIC Visiting Faculty
Ph:3504 | Rm#:180B
UVIC Visiting Faculty
Ph:3502 | Rm#:180B
UVIC Visiting Faculty
Ph:3342 | Rm#:185A
Vadnais, Patty
Ph: | Rm#:NA
Business Management Program (BMGMT) - Faculty
Vaughan, David
Ph:3500 | Rm#:KC221B
Trades - Shop Assistant / Toolcrib Attendant
Vause, Karen
Ph:3243 | Rm#:KC230
Student and Enrolment Services - Exam Coordinator/Invigilator, Student Services Reception
Vermette, Lindsay
Ph:3350 | Rm#:KC249-5
UACE Program - Faculty
Vishloff, Karla
Ph:3487 | Rm#:KC245
Marketing Department - 
Vogell, Jani
Ph:On Leave | Rm#:KC263D
Kinesiology - Faculty
Ph:3351 | Rm#:246B-3
University Studies, Business Administration, Tourism, Global Studies, Information Technology, and Aboriginal Programming - Department Head
Walls, David
Ph:3203 | Rm#:KC246
President's Office - President
Ph:3566 | Rm#:120D
IT Services - Media Service Technician
WAN, Dave
Ph:6108 | Rm#:108
Tourism & Recreation Programs - 
Waugh, David
Ph:6110 | Rm#:103
ABE - Faculty
Webb, Maggie
Ph:4103 | Rm#:C103
Creston Campus - Administrative Assistant
WEBBER, Cheryl
Ph:3550 | Rm#:229C
International Education and Development - International Education Administrator
Wells, Katie
Ph:7106 | Rm#:
Kootenay Rockies Innovation Council (KRIC) - 
Wetmore, Ashlie
Ph:3360 | Rm#:S205
Student and Enrolment Services - Enrolment Services Assistant
Ph:3473 | Rm#:230J
Student and Enrolment Services/University Studies -Learning Specialist - Learning Specialist / Faculty
Ph:3510 | Rm#:Pinnacle 107
Trades: Automotive Service Technician - Faculty
Ph:3436 | Rm#:150I
University Studies / Business Administration (BMGMT) - Faculty
Woodford, Erin
Ph:3340 | Rm#:KC150H
University Studies - Faculty
Woods, Susan
Ph:3203 | Rm#:246
President's Office - Executive Assistant
Wright, David
Ph:3523 | Rm#:Fernie High School
Trades - Faculty
Zezulka, Gaby
Ph:3287 | Rm#:KC109A
University Studies - Chair of Academic Innovation and Applied Research