College of the Rockies FAQ - Admissions and Registration

Admissions and Registration

How much does tuition cost?

Tuition and fees vary depending on what course or program you choose. Tuition Fees include: Alumni Fee, Student Activity Fees, and Technology Fee.

Tuition fees are subject to change at any time on approval of the College Board of Governors and Ministry of Advanced Education.

To learn more about tuition and fees please visit our Registration pages.

How do I register for / apply for programs / courses?

To learn more about how to become a student at College of the Rockies visit our "Becoming a Student" web site. 

The steps are:

  1. Find the program that is right for you
  2. Apply for admission
  3. Complete your registration

Note: Continuing Education courses and programs have their own admissions procedures. Visit the Continuing Education pages for more info.

What is your application deadline?

You can apply to be a College of the Rockies student anytime. However, you should register as early as you can before the beginning of each semester. The last day for late registration is approximately 2 weeks after the beginning of each semester.

Tuition fees are due approximately 2 weeks before the start of each semester.

To check the exact dates for the current and coming year check our:
calendar icon Important Dates

What is the difference between an application and registration?

To become a College of the Rockies student you must follow a 2-step process. This requires first applying to College of the Rockies and then, once accepted, registering for individual courses in the program of your choice.

In summary:

  • Application: apply and submit application fee.
  • Registration: choose the appropriate courses for your program of study. 

For more information please visit the AccessCOTR pages.