College of the Rockies FAQ - Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Where can I find course listings?

You can easily locate Continuing Education course listings by visiting the Continuing Education web site. You can search for courses for individual campuses or all of  our regional campuses.

Visit the Continuing Education pages to learn more.

How do I sign up and pay for courses?

There are 2 easy ways for you to sign and pay for Continuing Education courses.

  1. Register and Pay Online:
    using our convenient and secure online registration and payment system -  AccessCOTR.  You'll receive instant confirmation of registration.

  2. Contact Your Local Campus:
    Register in person, by phone, fax or by email.
    Phones are only open during regular Hours of Operation at our campuses.

exclamation icon Employer/Sponsor Registration
Please submit the Employer/Sponsor form to register for course(s) paid by your Employer/Sponsor. 

Are Continuing Education courses transferrable?

Most continuing education courses are professional development / general interest courses and generally cannot be transferred to other post-secondary institutions.

However, some institutions will accept continuing education credits if the student has achieved a passing grade of 60% and the course qualifies as an equivalent or required course in another program.

I would like to teach a Continuing Education course; who do I contact?

We are always looking for new Continuing Education instructors! Even if you have never taught a class before, we can help you with your first steps to teach a successful class.

For consideration as a non-academic Continuing Education instructor, you can download a course proposal document from the Continuing Education web site and email it to the campus you would like to teach at.

For more information please visit the Continuing Education web site and select the "Teach for Us" link in the navigation menu.