College of the Rockies FAQ - Programs of Study

Programs of Study

What programs are offered at College of the Rockies?

We offer a full range of programs in University Studies, Health, Child Youth and Family Studies, Trades, Recreation, Tourism, Business, Computer Science and more. Over 200 classes are available to be taken online.

To see our course and program offerings please visit our "Programs" page.

We also offer a wide selection of Continuing Education courses and programs.

Where do I find information about financial assistance and awards / scholarships?

Getting a post-secondary education is an important investment in your future. Just like any investment, you need to make a plan and find sources of funding. We can help. If you think you might need help funding your education, we strongly recommend that you discuss your needs with our Financial Assistance and Awards Advisor.

For information about financial aid, awards, bursaries and scholarships please visit our "Financial Aid" page.

Which online courses / programs can I take at College of the Rockies?

Online learning works for busy persons unable to attend regularly scheduled classroom instruction. College of the Rockies offers a full range of online courses and programs to fit your education goals.

To learn more about Distance / Online courses and programs please visit our Distance / Online Learning pages.

Where can I find information about required textbooks and their cost?

The College of the Rockies Bookstore offers a variety of college necessities, convenience items, souvenirs and gifts, including: textbooks, school supplies, bags and packs, clothing, snacks, drinks, and much more.

Textbook requirements are accessed on the Bookstore website - from the navigation menu select calc icon Textbook Calculator and select your courses to see the books you require and calculate your costs.