College of the Rockies FAQ - Services for Students

Services for Students

What services are available for new and returning students?

Our Student Services department offers a wide range of services to help meet your educational, career and personal goals.

The services we offer include:

  • Education Advising & Career Planning
  • Financial Aid
  • Flexible Assessment
  • Disability Services
  • Study Skills Counselling
  • Student Employment
  • Student Counselling & Wellness
  • Exam Invigilation
  • Aboriginal Services

To learn more about services that are offered to our students please visit our Student Services pages.

Are there services for Aboriginal learners?

We are committed to providing service and support for Aboriginal people seeking further education or training at College of the Rockies.

The  Aboriginal Advisory Committee works with the College and the regional Aboriginal Communities to identify and support the development of appropriate, relevant programming which serves Aboriginal communities and provides quality learning opportunities for Aboriginal students.

Learn more about our Aboriginal Services

Where can I find information about accessibility services?

Our aim is to maximize success and reduce barriers so students with disabilities have equal opportunities and equal access to information.  We provide a variety of support services and accommodations for students with learning disabilities, physical or psychological challenges.  We assist eligible students to access funding for equipment, adaptive software and other programs and services. There is no charge for any of the services provided. 

To learn more about Accessibility Services at College of the Rockies please visit our pages.

Can you show me where to find information about education advising services?

Planning your education can be a challenging process. Educational Advisors are available to answer questions you may have about your educational goals whether you are just curious about starting school, selecting your courses or close to finishing your selected program.

Our goal is to help you be successful at College of the Rockies!

Please visit our Education and Career Planning Services pages to learn more.