Student Testimonials

This course EXCEEDED my expectations!  I learned a lot and enjoyed my time in session.  It was well worth the time and money.

"It was absolutely 100% money well spent.  I feel I will be able to carry these tools for a long time.  It was also an amazing look into what teaching is really all about and the difficulties and opportunities within."

"A very interesting and engaging course.  Wonderful instructors!"

"I loved the teaching opportunities!  They were all incredibly useful and gave real meaning to the things we ourselves were being taught.  I especially appreciated the feedback sessions, not only from our teacher, but from each other as well."

"Teacher observation was so wonderful.  It was great to see so many teaching styles.  The hours were not hard to meet.  I think I almost doubled them before the end of the course."

"The course content was expansive but great for covering all angles of teaching.  I was able to use the new things I was taught in every lesson."