Adopt an Athlete

The College of the Rockies Recreation and Athletics Department, in conjunction with the College's Educational Foundation, is sponsoring a fund raising effort to support our student-athletes.

Each student-athlete is required to obtain $300.00 in sponsorship. Your tax deductible contribution will provide benefits to our varsity teams. This may include game-day meal allowances, provincial championship travel, scholarships or other competition related benefits as determined by the Athletics Director and the Head Coach. These funds will be used to directly benefit student participation in the league and will not be used for league administration, general travel costs, staff salaries or equipment. These items are covered by the College of the Rockies.

Q.  What is it?

The program is designed to encourage financial, social and spectator support of the Avalanche men and women's varsity volleyball teams and athletes at the College of the Rockies.

Q.  Why?

To enhance the quality of our programs. To enhance the profile of the Avalanche student-athletes within the college and the community at large.

To involve members of the community in a participative role in the support of our athletes.

Q.  Who is involved?

Adoptees: Student-athletes from the men and women's volleyball program.

Sponsors: Private individuals, families, corporations, small business and other Avalanche supporters.

Q. How will the funds be used?

To provide travel expenses for provincial championship play.

To build a fund to increase athletic achievement awards.

Q. How can you be involved?

Consider sponsoring a student-athlete up to $300.00; tax deductible (Payable to the College of the Rockies Educational Foundation)


Cori Andrichuk
Manager Campus Life & Athletics
Phone: (250) 489-8201
Fax: (250) 489-1790