How we support our athletes

At College of the Rockies, we strive to go the extra mile to ensure your success as both a student and an athlete. As a member of an Avalanche Athletic team you will be required to have focus and discipline to ensure that academics are your number one priority.

To ensure academic success, student-athletes have access to a number of services which include:

  • Priority registration;
  • Academic Advisors to review your course selections and academic goals;
  • Free access to peer tutoring;
  • Learning success seminars.

In addition, the Manager of Athletics monitors academic progress mid-semester to identify any areas of concern and to intervene where necessary.

Our out-of-town students, in particular, may be concerned about access to physiotherapy, chiropractic and physician services. The Avalanche have developed an excellent relationship with local clinics. Through this relationship, student-athletes are given priority when medical attention is required. A complete overview of what we offer our student-athletes can be found in our Student-Athlete Handbook.