Bachelor of Business Administration
Program Design

The four-year program includes foundational courses in many business functions, and then permits students to concentrate on one or more areas. Because the current Business Administration Diploma (with four majors) ladders into the BBA, students will commonly select Aboriginal Financial Management, Accounting, Marketing or tailor a General Management diploma major to suit their particular interests. Some upper level courses will be taken through collaborating post-secondary institutions, and may be completed in online or face-to-face delivery formats.

Environmental, Social, and Economic symbols

Because social, financial and environmental factors influence success in business, the program also includes breadth courses in Social Sciences and Humanities, Mathematics and Sciences. All candidates must complete a 9-credit Sustainability Project demonstrating their ability to synthesize aspects of sustainability.

Candidates may enter the program directly from high school graduation or after obtaining a Certificate or Diploma in Business, or after exploring several university transfer courses or certificates, such as College of the Rockies' Certificate in Environmental Studies.

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