Bachelor of Business Administration
Admission Requirements

First year:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • English 12 with a minimum of 65%, or equivalent. Please check the Admissions and Registration website about the latest English 12 equivalencies

Students graduating prior to 2013 *

  • Principles of Math 12, Applications of Math 12, or MATH 090 with minimum grades of 65%

Students graduating in 2013 onward*

  • Any Math 12 or Math 90 with a minimum grade of 60%


  • BBA student's math pre-requisites will be checked upon enrollment in the program or prior to admittance to MGMT 310. 
  • Students entering the program with Apprenticeship and Work Place Math 12 may need a bridge math course in order to enrol in certain courses.
  • Students without the required math pre-requisite will need to upgrade to MATH 090 or equivalent prior to graduation unless they have passed MATH 101 with a minimum grade of 65%
  • Students may commence certain courses in the program while they upgrade

Continuance: Students will be required to maintain a 65% average or GPA of 4.0 with a minimum mark of 60% in each course in the BBA program before being permitted to enroll in MGMT 470. 

Transfer Students: Existing transfer protocols will be honoured. New course and block transfers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Graduation Requirements:

  • A total of 120 credits with minimum grades of 60% or C within scope of the degree program.
  • A minimum of 33 upper level business credits excluding the sustainability credits noted below which total 15 additional credits.
  • Completion of 2 College of the Rockies Sustainability courses, MGMT 310 and MGMT 410, or equivalent courses and completion of College of the Rockies's Sustainable Business Project (MGMT 470, 480 and 490 – 9 credits).
  • A minimum of 15 upper level (300-400 level) credits must be completed at the College.
  • Candidates are required to complete all requirements within ten years of being accepted into the program.

Flexible Assessment (FA):

Learners may request formal recognition for prior learning at the College of the Rockies through one or more of the following processes: External Evaluation, Work site Assessment, Demonstration, Standardized Test, Self-assessment, Interview, Products/Portfolio, Challenge Exam. Contact an Education Advisor for more information. 

Transfer Credit:

Transfer agreements are in place with many BC post-secondary institutions and with out-of-province universities including University of Lethbridge and Athabasca University. For more information see Students should also contact an academic advisor at the institution where they want transfer credit.