Board of Governors
External Relations Standing Committee


To enhance the reputation of College of the Rockies by engaging its constituent and stakeholders, supporting the Board of Governors in linking to ownership.

Duties & Responsibilities

With the direction of the Board Chair or President the committee will;

  • create understanding within the provincial government of the challenges (i.e. financial, geographical) faced by College of the Rockies.
  • raise the profile of the College within and outside our region.
  • develop greater support for the College within our communities based on an appreciation of our social and economic impacts.
  • develop goals and strategies for the above activities.
  • maintain ongoing awareness within the Board of Governors of the importance of promoting the College and the ongoing need to build an external network of strategic contacts.
  • take an active role in the planning and organization and hosting of Linking with Ownership meetings including town halls and other gatherings.
  • support or aid in the planning or organization of any fundraising initiatives undertaken by the College of the Rockies.


The membership of the External Relations Committee shall be appointed by the Board and shall consist of:

  • At least three (3) board members, one of which must be an elected member;
  • The Manager of Communications and Marketing (non-voting);
  • The Board Chair (if not a regular committee member) and President /CEO as ex-officio members.


  • The committee will meet when requested by the Board Chair or President
  • The committee shall maintain appropriate minutes
  • The committee shall report to the Board