Used Books / Buyback

The Bookstore tries to buy and sell as many used books as possible. Used books are stocked on the shelf with the new books and are identified by a "used" sticker on the spine. Used books cost about 75% of the price of a new book. 

Used Book Buyback

The Bookstore conducts a big Textbook Buyback during exam week each April and a smaller Buyback in December. Watch for posters advertising the exact dates of our Textbook Buyback.

Used books can have hi-lighting, underlining and other such minor alterations, however they must be in whole, good resale condition. Any materials that were packaged with the book (CD’s, study guides, etc) should be brought back as well.


1. How do I know if my book(s) will be bought back?

Bring them to the buyback to see if they are being purchased.  It is difficult to know too far in advance precisely which books are going to be bought back as it is contingent on faculty confirming advance adoptions of their texts – which can happen up to the last minute.

2. How much money will I get for my books?

Generally, you can expect about 50% of the price you paid for the book; however, it can be less if an access card/code needs to be added to the book in order to resell it.

3. Do I need the receipt for my books?

Yes; generally we only buy back used books from those who bought the book here; so bring proof of purchase.

4. What if I am distance student who wants to sell back my books?

If you are a distance student interested in selling your books back to us, please contact the Bookstore with the list of books you want to sell by title and edition.  We will contact you when we determine if we can buy them or not.