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Wildlife Survey Methods | $950

Course Overview:

Wildlife Survey Field Methods (WSFM) is an applied three-day course that provides an introduction and overview for nine ground-based and five aerial-based wildlife survey methods. Using classroom instruction, demonstrations and field exercises, participants learn to conduct ground-based surveys using direct observation of individuals and measurement of animal sign such as scat and tracks. The aerial surveys are confined to classroom instruction only. Survey methods introduced are Resources Information Standards Committee (RISC) protocols, but also include methods not included in the RISC library (e.g., camera traps, basic reading of tracks, scat and sign). Course material is currently targeted on the large ungulates and carnivores of BC. Survey Methods introduced includes: • Ground-based surveys • Encounter surveys • Spotlight survey • Ground counts at seasonal concentrations • Camera trap station • Pellet group counts • Tracks and sign • Snow track surveys • Hair capture station • Den surveys • Aerial surveys • Encounter surveys • Fixed-width surveys • Total counts • Mark-recapture-resight • Aerial snow tracking

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Cranbrook Campus
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