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Intro to Textiles | $49 + GST

Course Overview:

This class will help you identify fibres used to create fabrics, how they are made and which fabrics will work best for your project.  From natural to synthetic fibres you'll learn how they are a part of your everyday life. 

Meet Chisa Jarvis:  I am a happily married mother of 5 beautiful children.  I received a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Lethbridge College in 2002.  I have a fabulous mother who taught me all matters of home making.  I learned at my mother's knee how to sew and made my first piece of clothing when I was 10 years old.  I love sewing, gardening, cooking/canning, camping, and just generally being outdoors.  Being a homemaker is a part of who I am.  I was raised in the Kootenays and love the special little world that we have here.  We live on 2.5 acres, have our own personal orchard and a large garden.


Bring a magnifying glass if you have one.

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