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Gunslingers; Myth and Reality - Wyatt Earp | $49 + GST

Course Overview:

Have you ever wondered if the lawmen and outlaws of the Wild West really did complete the exploits we are led to believe? How honestly are the characters that we find in literature and movies really portrayed, and how much are they just products of media and legend? In this series, delve into four real life people; Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill, and Jesse James.

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Wyatt Earp

The marshal from the town of Tombstone who famously took part in the O.K. Corral shootout. Often (mistakenly) credited with being the central figure in the questionable fight that led to the death of three cowboys, he is known for his exploits as a lawman.

It is unclear just how lawful he himself was or how much of a hero we have been led to believe he was.

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