Professional Cook

If you are well-organized, can work under pressure, and enjoy being part of a team, a career in Professional Cooking could be right for you.

We offer the  Provincial Cook program in a fully-equipped and versatile training kitchen and classroom area. You Also gain hands on work experience in the formal Class Act Dining Room .

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Still in High School?  Consider admission with ACE-IT.

$500-$1000 Professional Cook  Entrance Scholarships and Grants

Professional Cook among in demand trades added to B.C access Grants
The Program includes:
1. Tools: Students in eligible programs may receive $500 grant towards tools.
2. Relocation: Students who move at least 100 Km or more can apply to receive up to $4000 to assist with moving costs
3. Loan: Students  receiving a B.C. student loan  may receive grant to replace portion of the loan up to $2000. Students with dependents may have loan reduced up to to $5400.
4.Unmet need. Students whose student aid application shows unmet financial need may receive a grant up to $6500.
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