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Program Design


The Professional Cook Training program covers all aspects of cooking in a fully functional kitchen environment. The theory components cover food safety, kitchen management, methods of cookery. You will gain practical experience through the formal dining room attached to the professional kitchen plus a day in the life of a red seal at 5 different restaurants in the area. Upon graduation, you can find excellent opportunities for employment in all aspects of the food service industry.

We offer the entry level of cook training plus practical challenge for Cook 1, 2 or 3 (once approved by ITA)

Challenging a Cook Credential

If you have significant work experience in a trade but have never been certified in Canada, you may apply to challenge the certification. Practical Assessment dates listed under training Schedule.

Registration in this  "assessment only" session dose not include instruction and is not intended to replace the cook training course work or practical experience an individual  would get through post secondary study and appropriate industry experience.  Pre-requisite: candidates  must first apply to, and have been approved by the Industry Training Authority (ITA).

iconTechnical Training Schedule

Program Level

Cook 1

There are a couple of options for training and certification, depending on whether a person enters the training program through the workplace with an employer as sponsor, or directly into College of the Rockies as an ACE-IT student or regular student and College of the Rockies will serve as the initial sponsor.

Upon successful completion of Cook 1, students will receive a Professional Cook 1 Certificate from College of the Rockies.  

ITA Credential of Qualification (Professional Cook 1) will be issued upon completion of 1000 work-based hours and a mark of 70% or better on the provincial Qualification Exam.

The program includes:

  • In-school: Technical and practical training in all Professional Cook 1 competencies
  • Institution (College of the Rockies) Entry: technical training and 600 hours of work-based training credit
  • Work-based training: 400 hours to be completed prior, during or after at a recognized establishment

Program Topics:

COOK 101 Occupational Skills
COOK 102 Stocks, Soups & Sauces
COOK 103 Vegetables & Fruits
COOK 104 Starches
COOK 105 Meats
COOK 106 Poultry
COOK 107 Seafood
COOK 108 Garde Manger
COOK 109 Eggs, Breakfast Cookery & Dairy
COOK 110 Baked Goods & Desserts
COOK 111 Beverages

Program Outline: Professional Cook 1 Institution Entry

See the ITA Cook 1 overview for more details

Please contact Colleen Kendal for more information.