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MGMT-411 - Business Management Review

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MGMT-411Business Management Review3 - credits$318.06

This is an intensive capstone course intended to pull together all the subjects covered in the Business Administration Diploma Program. This course is designed to involve the student in running a business in a team environment and to show how it all comes together by utilizing a computerized business simulation. Students design and present a business plan to a board of directors; make operating, financial, marketing and human resource decisions; and prepare business reports.

Prerequisites: The student must be able to graduate with a business diploma by the end of the semester or have permission from the instructor. MGMT 411 is our capstone course in the Business Administration Diploma program at COTR. As a result, the course has a prerequisite that you have completed at least three semesters (15 courses or 45 credits) of applicable courses. If you are unsure if you qualify, please contact the instructor.

Delivery Method: On-Campus Online

Credits: 3 | Length: 45 hours | Course Outline for MGMT-411

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