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ACCT-371 - Managerial Finance 1

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ACCT-371Managerial Finance 13 - credits$318.06

This course, along with ACCT 372, is an introduction to managerial finance. It focuses on the environment in which financial decisions are made, the analysis required to make financial decisions, and the theoretical framework on which the analysis is based. Topics covered include an introduction to taxation, the Canadian financial system, securities markets, the valuation of securities, capital budgeting, capital structure, the cost of capital, dividend policy, sources of financing, working capital management, international finance, and corporate reorganizations.

Prerequisites: ACCT 262 and Post-Secondary (Math 101, 111 or 113, etc.)

Delivery Method: On-Campus Online

Credits: 3 | Length: 45 hours | Course Outline for ACCT-371

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