Doula Studies
A Doula Story from a former COTR Employee

The first offering of College of the Rockies’ online doula program started in September 2010. The first round of students were completing their coursework and preparing for practicum in December. Call it fate, call it opportune timing, but I, COTR’s Continuing Education Programmer for Cranbrook and Kimberley, was preparing to have my first baby in December 2010. One day it dawned on me that I should consider hiring a doula from our first offering of the program.

With assistance from the instructor, Carmen, I was able to connect with interested doulas. Upon going through an interview process, I found a perfect match. She was everything I could have asked for in a doula, and more! Lisa was there for me every step of the way and in looking back, my husband and I both could not have imagined preparing and going through childbirth without her. We actually went into it with trepidation and uncertainty because we weren’t fully sure of the doulas role.

Lisa was caring, attentive, listened to my needs, and provided advice and recommendations that suited our family and what we wanted to accomplish with the birth of our son. She attended the last of my midwife appointments and was always available for every question I had…and there sure were a lot of them! My son also decided to wait an extra 10 days to arrive and Lisa was incredibly supportive while we anxiously awaited his arrival.

When labour started and we headed to the hospital, she was right there by my side the entire time doing whatever it was I needed her to do. With it being a first birth for my husband and I, having Lisa there for support was invaluable. I cannot describe the difference it made for us. On top of that, she also provided some postpartum support to help us settle in as new parents. It was fantastic.

Having a doula helped alleviate stress and anxiety and allowed me to face birth strong and confident. For any future children my husband and I bring into this world, we will certainly have a doula by our sides. And if Lisa is not available, we will go to Carmen again to help us find another COTR-trained doula.

There is no question in my mind that aspiring doulas in this program are receiving top-quality training and had I not been a College employee helping start up the doula program, there is actually a good chance I would not have had a doula at my birth. That would have been a shame.

Danette Polzin
Former Programmer, College of the Rockies – Cranbrook/Kimberley

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