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Truck Driving School

College of the Rockies is pleased to offer Truck Driver Training in our region.

We offer in-truck and simulator training across the East Kootenays. Our simulators allow individuals to become comfortable with cab controls, and gear shifting before climbing up into an actual truck. This increases the confidence and overall success of new truck drivers. In addition, our class sizes are small, and our instructors have years of industry experience to help new drivers understand what is required of them for licensing.

Courses we offer:

Class 1 - Semi-Truck Training

This course will prepare you for a career as an entry-level truck driver (semi-trucks) and give you the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the ICBC road test.

Learn more about our Class 1 program

Class 3 - Dump & Tow Truck Training

This course will prepare you to become an entry-level truck driver (trucks with more than two axles; such as dump or tow truck).

Learn more about our Class 3 program

Class 3 to 1 (Upgrading)

This course is for individuals that already have your Class 3 license and are looking to upgrade to a Class 1 license, this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to pass the ICBC Class 1 road test.

Learn more about our Class 1 - 3 upgrading program

Air Brakes

This 20-hour course is a comprehensive study of commercial vehicle air brake systems and a presentation of pre-trip inspection and brake adjustment to prepare you for the ICBC Air Brake Knowledge test.

Learn more about our Air brakes course

Program location:

Our Driver Training programs are offered in the following locations:

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