Dual Admission - University of Lethbridge
Programs Eligible for Dual Admission

The University of Lethbridge offers a wide variety of degree programs. The dual admission option is available for most of their Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Admission is also available (but not guaranteed) for some competitive entry programs. You will have the option to transfer to the University of Lethbridge after completing 15 – 20 courses toward your degree.

For more information you can view the Dual Admission Guide for University of Lethbridge and College of the Rockies. To see what University programs and courses we offer at College of the Rockies visit our University Studies website.

Students interested in a University of Lethbridge program not listed below should contact our Education Advisors for more information about transferring to U of L.

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science
Agricultural Studies Agricultural Biotechnology
Anthropology Agricultural Studies
Archaeology and Geography Archaeology and Geography
Arts Biochemistry
Canadian Studies Biological Sciences
Economics Chemistry
English Computer Science
Fine Arts (Art Studio Major) Computer Science and Geographical Information Science
Fine Arts (Multi Disciplinary) Environmental Sciences
Fine Arts, Native American Art (Art Studio Major) General Major (Sciences)
French Geography
French/Spanish Kinesiology
General Major (Humanities) Mathematics
General Major Social Sciences Neuroscience
Geography Physics
History Psychology
Kinesiology Remote Sensing
Political Science  
Urban and Regional Studies  

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