Dual Admission & Guaranteed Admission - University of Victoria
Guaranteed Admission to UVic for Current Students

College of the Rockies students in the 2016/17 academic year will have an opportunity to transfer courses and be guaranteed admission into University of Victoria.

Eligible Programs

College of the Rockies University of Victoria
Fine Arts Art History and Visual Studies
University Arts Humanities
University Science Science
  Social Sciences

Admission requirements:

  1. Complete at least 24 credits (8 courses) of College of the Rockies university transfer courses.
  2. Have a minimum UVic GPA of 2.0 or College of the Rockies GPA of 3.0 (calculated on the most recent 24 credits).


  • Students are responsible for making application to UVic and ensuring that their courses transfer to their intended program of study at the university.
  • Guaranteed admission is available to both Canadian and international students. International students are responsible for confirming they are in compliance with their study or work visa.

Next Steps:

To apply for Guaranteed Admission complete a UVIC admission request and submit your College of the Rockies transcripts to UVic Undergraduate Admissions.