Early Childhood Education
ECE Program Design - Certificate

The Early Childhood Education certificate program is designed to be taken on a full-time or part-time basis, online or in the classroom. Both face-to-face and online classes are semester based. This is not a self-paced or continual entry program.

  • Full-time students will start in September of each year and complete all the required courses and practica by the end of June (10 months).
  • Part-time students may take up to 5 years to complete all course work and practical requirements.

View Planning Guide for full-time and part-time studies

At the completion of all courses and practica a Child, Youth and Family Studies Certificate with an Early Childhood Educator specialization is granted. Graduates of the ECE Certificate are encouraged to continue their studies in the Infant/Toddler Diploma and/or the Special Needs Diploma.

Practicum Information

Fall Semester (15 weeks) for full-time students (online and face to face)  

The Fall Semester is a combination of CYFS designated courses and ECE designated courses. CYFS courses are shared (cored) between all Child, Youth and Family Studies programs. ECE courses are specialized courses for the Early Childhood Education student.

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours of Instruction
CYFS 101 Inclusive Interpersonal Communication 3 45
CYFS 102 Observing & Recording Across the Lifespan 3 45
ECED 105 Developing Relationships with Young Children 3 45
ECED 113 Health, Safety and Nutrition 3 45
ECED 125 Introduction to Practicum 3 45
ECED 129 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3 45
ECED 137 Creating Curriculum with Young Children 1 3 45

Winter Semester (15 weeks) for full-time students (online and face to face)

Winter Semester offers a combination of course work (theory) and hands-on practice in the community (practicum). The focus of this semester is on the Early Childhood Education specialization courses as well as experiential learning in the field.

Course Number Course Name Credits Hours of Instruction
CYFS 103 Guiding Behaviours 4 60
CYFS 116 Lifespan Development 4 60
ECED 126 Practicum 1 4 190
ECED 131 Principles of Program Development 3 45
ECED 138 Creating Curriculum With Young Children 2 3 45
HSWR 106 Families 3 45

Spring Semester (11 weeks)for full-time students (online and face to face)

Spring semester is a shorter semester than Fall and Winter and focuses on the student's application of all coursework into the third community practicum. The semester, and program, ends with a Capstone course that allows the graduating student the opportunity to summarize, evaluate and integrate their college experience.

Course Number Course Name Credits Hours of Instruction
ECED 120 Introduction of Professional Practice 3 45
ECED 128 Practicum 2 4 190
ECED 149 Studies in Diversity 3 45