Financial Aid
Eligibility Enrolment Requirements

To be eligible for a College of the Rockies financial award, students must be enrolled full-time (minimum 60% course load) in a College of the Rockies program.  If a student can demonstrate that they are carrying the maximum course load possible in some circumstances, exceptions can be made.

Students with disabilities, including those who are on a reduced course load, are eligible to be considered for awards. Students must identify themselves to the Financial Aid office and must have documentation of the disability.

Except where the terms and conditions of an award specifically state otherwise, award recipients must return to the College of the Rockies or another public post-secondary institution in the next academic semester/year and enrol in a full-time program.

Except where the donor directs otherwise, the proceeds of awards issued by or through the College of the Rockies and the College of the Rockies Foundation will be applied towards tuition fees for the upcoming academic semester.  Deferral of an award for up to one year may be granted on written application to the Registrar’s office.

Students who are not yet enrolled at College of the Rockies, but who plan to attend, can apply for Entrance Awards.

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