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Bursaries / Scholarships

To apply for a college Bursary or Scholarship you must be registered and enrolled at College of the Rockies during the current academic year. Non-registered students who plan to enroll at the College for the first time can apply for a College of the Rockies Entrance Award.

icon Entrance awards are only available during the Winter [February - March] application process.

Apply onlineHow do I Apply?

Award NameAmount
Aboriginal Advisory Committee Scholarship (All programs) $500
Adele Thompson Memorial Bursary (Kinesiology or University Studies students) $600 tuition award
AECBC Bursary - (ABE students) $500 tuition award
Agnes McCoy Memorial Bursary - (Aboriginal students) $500 tuition award
BC Hydro Scholarship $500 tuition award
BDO Canada LLP Scholarship $1000 tuition award
Brian Pagnucco Computer Technology Memorial Award $300
Brilliant Expansion Equity Working Group - Women in Trades Scholarship $450
Business and Professional Womens Club Scholarship $350
C.N. Parkin Memorial Bursary $250 tuition award
Canadian Federation of University Women - Cranbrook Scholarship 2 - $1,000 tuition awards
Canadian Federation of University Women - Cranbrook, LPN Bursary $1,000 tuition award
Canadian Federation of University Women-Cranbrook Bursary $500 (Funds will be applied towards tuition and/or book payment purposes in the form of a voucher).
Chevron Canada Resources/Molnar Scholarships 2 - $1,000 tuition awards
Cindy Oliver ABE Bursary $400 tuition award
Coca-Cola Bottling Company Scholarship $600 tuition award
College of the Rockies CUPE Local 2773 Scholarship $500 Tuition Award
College of the Rockies Faculty Association Bursaries Two tuition awards @ $750 each are administered in April of each year and applied towards tuition in either the Summer or Fall semester.
College of the Rockies Faculty Association Scholarships Two tuition awards @ $1,500 each
College of the Rockies Fernie Campus Scholarship 2 - $500 tuition awards
Columbia Brewery Scholarship $500 tuition award
Columbia Power Corporation Annual Scholarship 2 - $500 tuition awards and 2 - $1,000 tuition awards
Columbia Power Corporation Permanent Scholarship $500 tuition award
Columbia Power Corporation Scholarships Two tuition awards @ $1000/each.
Cranbrook Rotary Club Scholarship $1,000 tuition award
Credit Union Foundation - Joseph (Joe) C Selby Memorial Scholarship $800
Credit Union Foundation of BC - Pioneers Memorial Bursary Three tuition awards: $500 tuition award, $300 tuition award and $200 tuition award.
Cummins Western Canada Bursary $500
D.H. Radstaak Scholarship $250 tuition award
D.L. Olm Memorial Bursary $250.00
Dr. & Mrs. A. G. Lowden Award $400
Echoridge Education Foundation Scholarship $500
Echoridge Education Foundation Scholarship $1000
Echoridge Education Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Eddy Brown Memorial Scholarship $300 tuition award
Elk Valley Skills Centre Scholarship 2 - $1,500 tuition awards
Fernie Student Association $300 tuition award
Janet Bailey Memorial Bursary $250 tuition award
John Bracco Memorial Bursaries Two - $750 tuition awards
John Leask Memorial Scholarship $1500 tuition award
Kimberley Skills Centre Scholarship $1,000 tuition award
KinClub of Cranbrook Scholarship $1,500 tuition award
Kootenay Dental Society Scholarship $500 tuition award
Kootenay Savings Bursaries Seven awards @ $500 each
Libby Neve Memorial Arts Scholarship $500 tuition award
Lockhart Family Award $250.00
Maple Leaf Rebekah Trades Bursary $350 tuition award
Miro Micovski Memorial Bursary $500 tuition award
Paul Sims Memorial Scholarship $300 tuition award
Remo Morandini Memorial Scholarship $400 tuition award
Rocky Mountain Naturalists - Mildred White Scholarship $500 tuition award
Royal Bank Scholarship $500 tuition award
Ruth Walker Memorial Scholarship 2 - $500 tuition awards
Sonjas Early Childhood Education Bursary $500.00
Sophia Hedman Trust Foundation Two tuition awards @ $500 each
Tembec Industries Inc./Rotary Club of Cranbrook Scholarship $1,000 tuition award, paid in two $500 instalments; one in September, the other in January, upon confirmation of enrolment of both Fall and Winter semesters
The Minerva Foundation Award for Aboriginal Women 2 awards of $2,500
Tiana McLellan Memorial Scholarship $500 tuition award
TransCanada Pipeline Foundation Scholarship 2 - $500 tuition awards
United Commercial Travellers - Robert Fields Memorial Bursary $500 tuition award
Velma McKay Bursary $500
Verdun Casselman Memorial Scholarship (Univ Studies) $1250 tuition award


To apply for a College Scholarship or Bursary:

Apply onlineOnline application located on the Student Portal

Step 1 - log into the Portal:
user name: student number
password: your password

Step 2 - look for the Scholarship / Bursary graphic.
icon Apply for a Bursary/Scholarship!
Follow the instructions.

Log in assistance:
Student Help Desk:

Financial Aid Officer
(250) 489-2751 local 3264
Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

icon Any award may be withheld, reduced, or cancelled for any of the following reasons:

  • lack of suitable candidates;
  • failure to meet terms and conditions of the award;
  • withdrawal from the College;
  • reduced income on invested funds;
  • withdrawal of the award by the donor.

Please note that at the present time all of the awards listed here are available only for Canadian or landed immigrant students, unless otherwise stated in the award's eligibility or selection criteria.