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Adult Upgrading

In an effort to best serve Golden's adult learners, we provide all levels of adult education and related support services.

Program Overview

Adult Upgrading - Intermediate and Advanced Level

Preparing for future education and career opportunities? You can take your first step here. We have a wide range of courses for expanding your academic, workplace and life skills. You can finish your high school education, complete pre-requisites for post secondary programs or enhance your general knowledge. The program is self-paced and suited to your individual need and ability.

Services and Programs

We're here to meet your needs!

In addition to adult upgrading courses, we also offer the following services:

  • Computers that can be accessed by students to support their learning.
  • Assessment and academic advising to support student progress and success. Academic Assessments are free and available by calling the College.
  • Financial Aid: Students may apply for government loans and grants (AUG) while attending the College. Contact us for details.


Please refer to the tuition and fees calculator on the college website. If cost is an issue for you, ask about an Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG), to see if you are eligible.

Adult Upgrading Courses in Golden

The courses listed below are offered in a self-paced format. The instructor is available to give direct instruction, pointers and encouragement.

We can help you improve your language and math skills, complete high school, meet college prerequisites and expand your horizons.

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  • Fundamental Math - Math Levels 10 - 60
  • Math 10\70
  • Foundations of Math 11\82
  • Pre-Calculus 11\80
  • Pre-Calculus 12\90
  • Biology 11\80
  • Biology 12\90
  • Chemistry 11\80
  • College Success 12\090
  • English 10\70
  • English 11\80
  • English 12\90
  • Communications 12\English 92
  • Applied Computer Skills 11\80
  • Social Psychology 12\90
  • Education and Career Planning 12\90
  • Portfolio Learning 90
  • Workplace Experience 95

Hours and Contact Information

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College of the Rockies - Golden Campus
1305 -- 9th Street S.
Golden, BC V0A 1H0
Phone: 250-344-5901

Hours and Schedule

Please contact the campus for current schedule and times - 250-344-5901.

green pointer (right)For Advising, please make an appointment at the front desk or call 250-344-5901.

More Information

The BC Adult Graduation Diploma can be obtained after completing the following 5 required courses.

  • English 90 or English 92 (equivalent to a Grade 12 English course)
  • Math 80, 81, or 82 (equivalent to a Grade 11 Math course)
  • Any other 3 grade 12 level courses (see course list for options).