Program Overview

Photo of Hairstylist Student

The Hairstylist Foundation  program at the College of the Rockies is a provincially accredited training program designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the Hairstylist Industry. The program provides students with skills that are needed as a first-year apprentice, including those related to salon hygiene practices, effective use and maintenance of tools and equipment, hair cutting, styling, and colouring, chemical waving and relaxing, as well as client service communication skills and basic business management skills.

The Hairstylist  Foundation program is delivered through regular lectures, demonstrations and practical skills training in a salon setting. Students will be assisted in obtaining sponsors from qualified salon settings for three weeks of practicum training.

Program Information:

Individuals who successfully complete the Hairstylist program and pass the ITA Standardized Level 1 written exam will be granted the following credit towards Level 2:

  • Level 1 credit
  • 1290 work based training hours:(990 Hours Technical training +300 hours Work based)

Level 2:
To receive Level 2 credit and to qualify to write the Certificate of Qualification exam for Red Seal designation, an individual requires an employer sponsor and 150 hours of Level 2 technical training plus a total of 3600 work based training hours.