Course Descriptions

HDRP 101 Hygiene, Sanitation and Disinfection Practices

  • Sanitize tools and equipment
  • Disinfect tools and equipment
  • Maintain a safe and hygienic environment

HDRP 102 Use and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment

  • Use and maintain single-use tools and accessories
  • Use and maintain cutting tools
  • Use and maintain styling tools
  • Use and maintain colouring tools
  • Use and maintain perm/relaxing tools
  • Use and maintain client capes
  • Use and maintain sanitizing and disinfecting equipment
  • Use and maintain major equipment
  • Use and maintain office equipment

HDRP 103 Client Service

  • Prepare for client service
  • Communicate effectively with clients and co-workers
  • Consult with clients
  • Analyze facial shape
  • Analyze hair and scalp

HDRP 104 Hair and Scalp Care

  • Shampoo and condition hair and scalp
  • Perform scalp massage

HDRP 105 Hair Cutting

  • Cut hair using tools
  • Describe the procedure to cut facial and nape hair

HDRP 106 Hair Styling

  • Prepare and style hair
  • Finish hair

HDRP 107 Chemical Waving and Relaxing of Hair

  • Chemically wave and perm hair

HDRP 108 Hair Colouring

  • Prepare for colouring hair
  • Colour hair
  • Bleach hair
  • Describe the procedure to perform colour correction

HDRP 109 Specialized Services

  • Describe the principles of applying wigs and hairpieces
  • Describe the principles of using hair extensions

HDRP 110 Business Management

  • Perform salon operations
  • Complete financial transactions
  • Maintain product inventory
  • Market products and services

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