Haul Truck Operator
Testimonials from Haul Truck Students

Video Testimonial: Dave D (2013 Graduate)

Kevin Postnikoff, February 2015

When I started this program I had no clue about how Haul Trucks run and operate. Monte and Hoody taught me so many things about being a Haul Truck operator. They were very patient and very helpful and understanding about any learning difficulties. They constantly encouraged me to do better and re-affirmed my confidence as I didn't have much in the beginning. The information in this program is truly amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a Haul Truck driver. Having these two instructors has re-affirmed my confidence in being a Haul Truck driver. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Monte and Hoody for everything you have helped me out with in this program. You guys are the best.

Bamidele Adeyemi, February 2015

It was a really good time out here, I am very glad I took the course. At initial stage it was looking very difficult and I was not so sure of getting it done at the end of the course but the trainers were very helpful in teaching all aspects and details and in no time I found myself very perfect on the simulations. I'm very glad I graduated with flying colours, I now have a belief in my ability to be a haul truck operator. Thanks to the College of the Rockies.

Darcy Wiebe

The College of the Rockies Haul Truck program helped launch me into my new career as a haul truck operator. This one month program gives the students many tools along with certificates that employers are looking for in the mining industry. The instructors did a great job teaching the operations of a haul truck and all the safety procedures that an operator must know. They also shared their work experiences at a mine site, giving the students the knowledge of what to look out for in certain situations. It was a very rewarding course and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the mining industry.

Barb C. - Sept 2013 Graduate

"After repeated attempts to apply for Haul Truck Operator positions with several companies and getting nowhere, I decided to take the Haul Truck Operator program offered at College of the Rockies. I was in the September 2013 class and thoroughly enjoyed the 4-week program. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and offered real-world experience along with their teaching. The simulators were excellent and provided a great stepping off point to actually driving a haul truck. Within 3 weeks of graduating from the program, I had my first interview with a large BC mining company, and was hired for a start date of December 2013.

Not only did the program offer training with the haul trucks, the College also helped with resume preparation. I feel this was a major contributing factor in my successful application and ultimate hiring. The diversity of the program at the College prepared me well for the in-house training that my new employer provided.

This is a whole new direction in life for me and I am looking forward to growing and advancing with my new employer."

Tracy C. - Feb 2013 Graduate

"I was elated by the whole program, start to finish. It was phenomenal and I wish it hadn't ended so quickly. Darren, our instructor, is awesome at what he does; there simply couldn't be a better person to teach the program. I exceeded my own expectations , partly because Darren was cheering me on, encouraging me to push my limits and patting me on the back when I deserved it.. He is great and certainly has found his niche in life.

So all-in-all, an AWESOME program."