Haul Truck Operator
On-site Haul Truck Training

We provide on-site Haul Truck Training to companies, agencies, Indigenous communities and post-secondary institutions across Canada. We will bring our mobile simulator directly to your site and help you meet your training needs.


  • Haul Truck Operator program – we bring our complete one-month Haul Truck program to your facility.
  • On-site assessment and skill improvement training – we bring our Haul Truck simulator to your site to give your students/trainees real-world experience in preparation and operation of a haul truck. Past examples of skills-specific upgrading include tire care, emergency response, operating in adverse weather conditions and spotting times.
  • Travel to career fairs and interactive skills sessions – if your objective is to promote Haul Truck careers, we can help. We'll bring our Haul Truck simulator to your event and give prospective job applicants a first-hand opportunity to operate a Haul Truck.

Partnership Opportunities

If you are interested in discussing partnership opportunities with College of the Rockies’s Haul Truck program please call Leah Bradish at 250-489-8286 or email lbradish@cotr.bc.ca