Health Care Assistant
Program Structure/Courses

Graduates can acquire the skills and knowledge to:

  • Integrate a caring philosophy
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Provide holistic care
  • Apply ethical and professional standards of behaviour
  • Promote independence
  • Perform basic care giving skills
  • Cope with simple emergency situations
  • Provide environmental safety and home management
  • Integrate health promotion strategies


Semester 1 addresses the theoretical foundations for care with practical applications in the lab and/or residential settings. Students must achieve a minimum grade of 70% in all theory courses to continue into Semester 2.

Semester 2 offers supervised clinical placements.

To receive the HCA certificate the student must achieve a minimum of 70% on all theory courses and a pass grade on all clinical evaluations.

Course Structure

First Semester (16 weeks)

Course Code Course Name Hours
HCA 101 Health and Healing Concepts 70
HCA 102 Health Care Assistant: Introduction to Practice 30
HCA 103 Health 1: Interpersonal Communications 50
HCA 104 Health 2: Lifestyle and Choices 30
HCA 105 Healing 1 115
HCA 106 Healing 2 60
HCA 107 Healing 3 120

Second Semester (11 weeks)

Course Code Course Name Hrs/Week
HCA 108 Practical Experience in Home Support and Assisted Living 60
HCA 109 Practical Experience in Multi-level/Complex Care 270

Total Program Hours = 805