Indigenous Education Services
Aboriginal Gathering Place


The Aboriginal Gathering Place (AGP) welcomes you!

Located at the edge of the Cranbrook  Community Forest the AGP is on traditional Ktunaxa territory and is surrounded by medicinal plants native to the region. 

The AGP has upper and lower levels. Each space offers unique opportunities for student, staff, faculty and community engagement. The AGP is considered a safe haven where students, staff, faculty, and community members feel welcome, respected and engaged. Respect is the underlying principle of the AGP and all scheduled activities must celebrate diversity, inclusiveness and Indigenous knowledge.

The upper level is open for faculty, staff and community members to schedule classes and host meetings and events. Chairs should always be set up in a circle to promote an Indigenous style learning environment. A centrally located smartboard allows access to power point presentations and the Internet. The Indigenous Education Coordinator will assist in facilitating speakers and knowledge holders presence in classes.

The lower level is the Indigenous student lounge. It holds a comfortable study space, open kitchen and workstations for completing assignments. The lower level is an open and welcoming space for all Indigenous students. The lower level kitchen and space can also be booked for special events through the Indigenous Education Coordinator!

Indigenous Students are also welcomed members of the College of the Rockies' Student Association. Please contact Cori Andrichuk if you are interested in getting involved in activities or have any questions.

Elders at the College


The Indigenous Education Coordinator at College of the Rockies can connect students and staff with Elders and knowledge holders who may offer cultural, emotional, and/or spiritual support. Elders and knowledge holders guide and assist with program development and provide teachings in the areas of cultural protocols, traditions, and history.

Non-Indigenous students and others seeking information are welcome to visit the Aboriginal Gathering Place for more information.

Ktunaxa Elder Marguerite Cooper of Akisqnuk First Nation lives in Windermere, BC and works with both the Invermere and Cranbrook campuses. 

Ktunaxa Elder Herman Alpine of Aqam lives in Mayook and works with the Cranbrook Campus.  Herman also works with Ktunaxa Kinbasket Child and Family Services.

Messages may be left for Marguerite and Herman with the Indigenous Education Coordinator by calling 250-489-2751.