International Projects
SAFARI: Sustainable Activities For A Rising Industry

The SAFARI project is a partnership between the National College of Tourism, Niagara College, and College of the Rockies which ran from February 2010 to June 2012. The National College of Tourism is located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

This video was created by College of the Rockies alumni Mark Aspland (ATBO) and Sierra Dakin Kuiper (MAST). They were selected to take part in the SAFARI partnership's "Tanzania-Canada Student Video Exchange" with the National College of Tourism in Tanzania.

Education for Employment - Tanzania

The partnership has contributed to the improvement of tourism training at the National College of Tourism (NCT), aiming to create skilled Tanzanian graduates to work in the tourism industry. The Education for Employment (EFE) program is managed by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency.

NCT tutors experiencing Canadian raft guiding practices

NCT tutors (instructors) William Chiza and Stephen Elias Kobelo pictured whitewater rafting on the St. Mary's River near Kimberley, British Columbia.

For more information and to see an interesting video with project partners in Southeast BC:

green maple 2010 Training Program in Canada

The tourism sector in Tanzania is quickly gaining recognition as a valid contributor to sustainable development; as such, the tourism industry provided approximately 680,000 jobs in Tanzania in 2007.  There is a need to better align industry and tourism training, with a focus on competency based education at the National College of Tourism.

Five College of the Rockies employees and two Niagara College employees have travelled to Dar es Salaam to work with NCT's managers, tutors, students, and industry partners. Four NCT employees have travelled to Canada to work with College of the Rockies, Niagara College and industry partners.

NCT, in partnership with College of the Rockies and Niagara College, has undertaken a variety of activities to better meet the increasing demand for skilled tourism workers.  SAFARI is focusing on: implementing competency based education and training (CBET); building curriculum design and delivery skills; the development of an industry supported Tourism Advisory Committee; growth in research and consultation; environmental and gender considerations in tourism; entrepreneurial training and marketing; increased understanding of the needs of industry; training in teaching methodologies; acquisition of equipment and learning materials; and mentorship in management and leadership.  

This partnership has enabled NCT to support the Tanzanian economy by providing training and skills required by the tourism industry, benefiting NCT management, tutors and students, as well as tourism industry employers, employees, and the self-employed.