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STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER: Staying on top of your work is one of the keys to being a successful student.  In this seminar you will learn how to get the most out of your study sessions; how to set up a study group, memory tricks, and more.

YOU HAVE AN EXAM…NOW WHAT?: Exams are among the most important and most stressful aspect of college life. Exam stress is a completely common and normal experience. Come and gain some strategies to ace your next test.  This seminar will provide you with some techniques to use on test day and during the exam.

COLLEGE RESOURCES FOR STUDENT SUCCESS: Not sure where to turn for help when you need support?  Come and see what is available in Student Services.  You’ll also learn about writing supports, tutoring services and more!

SHOW ME THE MONEY!: Stressed about funding your education? Want to limit your debt?  Applying for scholarships and bursaries is worth your time and effort.  This seminar will provide tips and options to access FREE MONEY!

DO YOU HAVE A PHD IN PROCRASTINATION:  Are you an “I’ll do it later” type of person?  Would you rather watch Netflix over essay writing or exam studying?  Learn tips to help deal with and prevent procrastination.

STUDY ABROAD OPPORTUNITIES: At College of the Rockies, students can learn abroad in places such as Andorra, Switzerland or the Netherlands and have it count towards their degree or diploma. An experience abroad enhances students’ global awareness and inter-cultural competencies – attributes that are important in preparing students for the job market or the next stage of their educational journey. The College’s Manager of International Projects and Partnerships, Kerry Brinkert, will outline College-organized learning abroad opportunities that are available to students in 2020 and 2021.

BUILDING COMMUNITY – THIS IS HOW WE TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER:  We want to provide the best learning environment for you while you study at College of the Rockies by building an inclusive and welcoming community. As members of this community, we are all responsible for contributing to a respectful environment by the way we treat each other, the physical space, and the environment.  Learn about the student policies and procedures on topics such as conduct, sexual violence prevention and response, bullying and harassment, and cannabis usage on campus.