Program Design

Program Information

All Kinesiology courses are delivered on a semesterized schedule from September to April of each year. Depending on availability of programming, some academic courses may be offered during the summer or spring semesters.

Courses are delivered face to face through the Cranbrook Campus with some of the courses available online. Please contact us for more information.

Textbooks and Required Resources:

Textbook selection varies by instructor and may change from year to year. You will be provided with a list of the required materials upon registration.

Note: If you are planning to transfer to another institution upon completion of our program, we strongly recommend that you discuss your course selections with an Education Advisor.

Year 1

Semester 1

KNES 152
KNES 163
KNES 190
ENGL 100 or 101
PSYC 101 or BIOL 101

Semester 2

KNES 102
KNES 103
KNES 154 and 15X or Elective 100 or 200
KNES 201
PSYC 102 or BIOL 102

Year 2

Semester 3

KNES 200
KNES 204
KNES 206
KNES 209
Elective 100 or 200 level

Semester 4

KNES 202
KNES 203
KNES 205
KNES 210
KNES 270 or Elective 100 or 200 level

Important notes:

  • Students wishing to attempt the external certification exams and become a Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology-Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP-CPT) must take KNES 154/KNES 15X and KNES 270 and complete the Kinesiology diploma.
  • If a student’s goal is to get the diploma in two consecutive years, then they should follow the course sequences prescribed as presented above in each semester. There are no guarantees that a course will be available without schedule conflict if a student takes courses out of the prescribed order.
  • Only two performance courses (154 and 15X) may be counted towards the diploma.
  • Electives should be chosen according to further post-secondary requirements or career/personal interest. STATS 106 is highly recommended as an elective course if a student wishes to pursue a degree in Kinesiology or a related field.
  • Each elective must be a university transferable, 3 credit course.