Student Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Our former students are our best ambassadors for the program. Read some of their stories and see for yourself. 

* Note: The Kinesiology (KNES) program was formerly named Human Kinetics (HKIN)

Photo of Matt Irvin

Matt Irvin

The human kinetics program gave me not only the opportunity to drastically expand my knowledge base of fitness and wellness, but the hand on skills used in the field as well. The program created a job opportunity as a personal trainer, an area I now feel knowledgeable and confident in.

I use my Human Kinetics (Kinesiology) education not only as a job, but incorporated into my lifestyle as well.

Photo of Raiah Harks

Raiah Hark

After transferring to the University of Lethbridge I found that I was the only student in the fourth year Kinesiology class who had completed a VO2 max test before. I was also one of very few people who had CSEP-CPT training, which is always considered an asset when applying for a job in the Kinesiology field. 

The small class sizes at the College allowed me to experience more in the lab, and getting CSEP certification after only two years through a College of the Rockies class was an amazing opportunity. At the U of L you can only get that certification through a fourth year class. It definitely gave me an advantage over most of my university classmates to have it after only two years.

Photo of Andrea Gris

Andrea Gris

I sincerely feel that my experience in the Human Kinetics program has helped me be so successful in my academic career. The classes are small, the instructors are great, and the educational resources and  opportunities are terrific. The Human Kinetics program helps prepare you for further post-secondary education at the University level, providing you with the proper background and resources needed to attain a degree in Kinesiology. Plus, the relationships that you build in those two years as a Human Kinetics student (because of the smaller class sizes and personable instructors) are ones that you will never forget!

Ryan Hilton 

I graduated from the HKIN program from College of the Rockies in 2008 with my diploma in Human Kinetics, CSEP-CPT and FELC certificate with two National Scholar Awards from the CCAA and an Academic Excellence Award from the BCCAA. From their I went right into a career of personal training which has now lead me to becoming owner of Fitness on the Go, one of the country’s premier in-home personal training companies.

What really separates the HKIN program at College of the Rockies from others is the intimacy of the program. The relationship that you develop with the professors makes the experience more practical and hands on. Class sizes are smaller with qualified and knowledgeable instructors who truly are there to help one learn and grow. That makes a significant difference having them as an accessible resource, steering away from traditional programs where you feel like just another student number. The program is well structured; giving one the tools they need to pursue many options in Kinesiology. I found my time in the program as a valuable experience to my career in the Fitness Industry and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Human Kinetics. 

Sandra Dansereau

I ended up attending College of the Rockies when my husband wanted to move here for a business opportunity.  As it turns out, attending the College changed my life.  I knew I wanted to get into the health industry and the experiences, support, teachings and opportunities I received during my time at the College gave me the foundation I needed to become the health practitioner I am today.

After attending College of the Rockies, I received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary.  Though I learned a lot at the University, it was the learning and experiences I received at the College that are still with me today.  I gained the confidence I needed to become a public speaker and have presented to U of C undergraduates, Calgary Co-Op, Breakfast Television and corporations.

I credit my ability to work in rehabilitation, to own a company, to be a published author and to work with a variety of health practitioners to the education I received in my Sport Medicine class and to having the opportunity to work as a student athletic therapist at College of the Rockies.  Further, my time at the College gave me the confidence to speak with people that have worked in the industry for more than 15 years. 

I had the privilege to be exposed to many professors from different backgrounds and through my experiences learn that I didn’t want to be an athletic therapist but, instead, a leader in the health and wellness industry.  Thank you, College of the Rockies, for providing the opportunity for me to grow.