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The COTR Advantage

Lower Tuition Fees for Two Years
The tuition savings by attending COTR for two years can be over $3700 when compared to a major University. You can take the same courses at the College of the Rockies at 56% of the cost.

Lower Cost of Living While Studying at COTR
As well as higher accommodation costs of living in a large city, there are many hidden costs such as parking, fuel wasted in traffic jams, entertainment, and food.

All full time COTR students become members of the Student's Association  and the  U-Pass program. The U-Pass gives students access to discounted public transportation and free access to the Western Financial Place recreation center.

If you live within the Kootenays there are even more savings by avoiding expensive long distance phone calls and travelling home for holidays.

Easier Adjustment to University Level Courses
The transition to University level courses can be difficult at the best of times. When you also have to adjust to living in a large city and trying to meet new friends it can be overwhelming.

You can enroll at the College of the Rockies and spend two years in a friendly and welcoming environment while adjusting to University level courses.

Smaller Class Sizes
Typical University courses are taught in large lecture theatres with Professors who are often unavailable for one-on-one interaction with students.

College of the Rockies has smaller class sizes and instructors who are often available to discuss anything with students.

Improve Your Transcript
If you aren’t accepted into the University of your choice, you can take courses at the College of the Rockies to improve your grade point average and then reapply.

You can then transfer the credits you have attained to your new University.