Plumber Level 1 Apprenticeship

Program Overview

Growing construction activity in BC has resulted in an increased need for skilled plumbers in commercial, institutional and industrial builds. Plumber Apprenticeship Level 1 is your first step to becoming a Red Seal certified plumber.

This 7-week program covers the skills, knowledge and training required for Level 1 of the 4 Level Industry Training Authority (ITA) Plumber Apprenticeship Program.

In order to take this program, you must be a sponsored apprentice.

Program Content:

  • Topics covered include preparing piping and components, installing pipe, valves and fittings, using soldering, brazing and welding equipment, using codes and regulations, interpreting drawings and specifications, and applying electrical concepts.
  • The program includes classroom theory, demonstrations and practical hands-on training in a plumbing lab and shop setting.
  • Safe work habits are important in this trade and are emphasized, practiced and reinforced throughout the program.

To view the official program outline, see: Plumber Apprenticeship Level 1

Admission Requirements:

In order to take this program you must:

  • Have an employer sponsor

Program Dates:

Next intake: October 28 - December 13, 2019

Dates for additional levels will be added soon.

Interested in becoming an employer sponsor? Visit: ITA Employer Sponsor Overview

Tuition and Fees:

Refer to: Tuition Calculator

You must also provide your own:

  • CSA approved personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • CSA approved hardhat, blue in colour
  • Steel-toed work boots
  • Safety glasses
  • Coveralls
  • Reference materials
  • Pen, pencils, coloured pencils, etc.
  • Three-ringed binders and paper (lined and unlined)
  • Geometry set
  • Calculator

Plumber Level 1 Technical Training Content

PLUMB 101 Perform Safety Related Functions

  • Maintains safe work environment
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety equipment
  • Perform lock-out and tag-out procedures
  • Practice fire prevention

PLUMB 102 Use Tools and Equipment

  • Use common tools and equipment
  • Use access equipment
  • Use rigging, hoisting, lifting and positioning equipment
  • Rig loads for cranes
  • Use soldering and brazing equipment
  • Use oxy-fuel cutting equipment
  • Use welding equipment

PLUMB 103 Perform Routine Trade Activities

  • Use mathematics and science
  • Interpret drawings and specifications
  • Use codes, regulations and standards

PLUMB 104 Prepare Piping and Components

  • Prepare pipe
  • Join tube, tubing and pipe
  • Install pipe
  • Install valves
  • Install fittings
  • Penetrate structures

PLUMB 105 Use Communication Techniques

  • Use communication techniques

PLUMB 106 Apply Electrical Concepts

  • Use the principles of electricity
  • Gloves

Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG)

When you complete your Red Seal program, you can apply for the one-time taxable cash Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG) of $2,000.00 after you have been certified in your trade. See: Grants for Apprentices registered in Red Seal Trades.

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