Policies / Procedures

Whether you're a student, staff member, or member of the community, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the college's complete Policies and Procedures manual.

Students frequently access the following policies:



Protocol / Procedures

2.1.1 Admissions  
2.1.2 English Language Proficiency Standard  
2.1.5 Student Registration  
2.1.6 Progression and Re-admission - BSN  
2.1.8 Admissions and Progression - PPNP and Access to Practical Nursing  
2.1.9 Admissions and Progression - BBA Degree Program  
2.1.10 Admissions and Progression - CYFS  
2.2.1 Tuition Fees - International Education Appendix A - International Education Fees Schedule
2.2.2 Payment of Fees - Vocational Programs  
2.2.3 Student Activity Fees  
2.2.4 Tuition Fees - Part-time Vocational and General Interest  
2.2.5 Tuition Fee Refunds  
2.2.6 Tuition Refunds for International Students  
2.2.9 Selective Entry Programs Fees, Refunds and Deadlines  
2.4.1 Credential Framework  
2.4.3 Students with Documented Disabilities  
2.4.4 Student Conduct Policy Academic Conduct Report Procedure
2.4.8 Academic Performance  
2.4.9 Student Concerns re Faculty  
2.4.11 Storage of Academic Works  
2.5.1 Student Evaluation Grade System  
2.5.2 Student Records  
2.5.3 Student Appeal  
2.5.4 Student Training Records - Vocational Programs and Courses  
2.5.5 Flexible Assessment Policy  
2.5.6 Transfer Credit (as a receiving institution)  
2.5.7 Transfer Credit Appeal Policy and TCA Committee TOR  
2.5.8 Transfer Credit (As a Sending Institution)  
2.6.1 Course Change and Withdrawal  
2.6.2 Vocational Student Withdrawals as a Result of Absence  
4.8.2 Abuse and Violence in the Workplace  
4.8.6 Harassment Harassment Flowchart
4.8.8 Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention and Response Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention and Response Protocol
5.2.2 Parking on Campus  
5.2.4 Smoke Free Environment  
6.4.1 Administration of Exams  
6.4.3 Administration of Exams - Distributed Learning Students   

Student Complaints:

If you would like to register a student complaint, please contact: 
Doris Silva, Director of Student Affairs
2700 College Way, Cranbrook, BC  V1C 5L7
Phone: 250-489-8247  |  Toll Free: 1-877-489-2687 x3247
Email: silva@cotr.bc.ca