Jobs at COTR

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- Auxiliary Upgrading for Academic and Career Entry Program Instructor - Creston Campus Open
- Regular Part-time (60%) Payroll and Human Resources Assistant Open
- Term Full-time Recruitment/Information Officer Internal-CUPE
- Auxiliary Mathematics/Statistics Instructor - University Studies Department Open
- Regular Full-time Digital Marketing Coordinator Internal-CUPE
- Regular Full-time Regional Programmer Continuing Education and Contract Training Internal-CUPE
- Regular Full-time International Projects and Marketing Specialist Internal-CUPE
- Auxiliary Accounting Instructor - Business Management Program Open
- Auxiliary Marketing Instructor - Business Management Program Open
- Auxiliary Business Math Instructor - Business Management Program Open
- Term Bookstore Clerk Open
- Auxiliary Kinesiology Instructor Open
- BUAD Diploma/Degree Program Coordinator Internal-Faculty
- Auxiliary Engineering Instructor APSC 151 - Engineering Graphics Open
- Regular Part-time (60%) BSN Instructor Open
- Regular Full-time BSN Instructor Open
- Auxiliary Engineering Instructor COMP 105 - Introduction to Programming in the C and C++ Language Open
- Term Full-time Manager, Invermere Campus Open
- Auxiliary Lab Assistant - Certified Dental Assistant Program Open
- Term Full-time General Merchandise Buyer Open
- Head Coach - Men's Volleyball Open

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