An Adventure-Filled Life

An Adventure-Filled Life ~Bobby Sherlock was looking for a career that would allow him to be active, work outdoors and meet new people. His journey to achieve that goal began with the Adventure Tourism Business Operations program at College of the Rockies’ Golden campus.~

“The location and size of the Golden campus were very attractive to me and the varied content of the courses in the program were also a big factor in helping me decide this was the program for me,” he says.

Bobby graduated from the Adventure Tourism program in 2006.  “After an end-of-program field trip to the Broken Group Islands on the West Coast of Vancouver Island I was inspired to return to the area for my practicum and to look for opportunities to work there.”  He first worked as an Ocean Kayak Guide with a small resort for two seasons before deciding to open his own outdoor adventure company.

Wild Pacific Sailing Adventures, Bobby’s company, is starting its third season of operation in the Vancouver Island region.  He has recently expanded his business by adding four-by-four off-road tours in addition to the sailing tours.

Bobby is enjoying living the life he dreamed of though he realizes now the importance of the business portions of the Adventure Tourism Business Operations program.  “I do wish I had paid a little more attention to those accounting courses at the College,” he admits.

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