An Inspirational Journey

An Inspirational Journey ~Living in Brazil, Ricardo Zeilmann had a long-standing interest in woodworking. In 2012 he decided it was time to do something about it. ~

Ricardo read some books about timber framing, with the hopes of opening his own shop, but realized he needed some practical experience and training.

An internet search led him to the Timber Framing program at College of the Rockies.  “It was the only program offered that combined traditional timber frame knowledge with the use of modern tools and equipment,” he says. “It seemed to be the most professional program available.”

While enrolled in the 13-week program, Ricardo gained the knowledge and experience he was looking for.  After successfully completing the training, he returned to his hometown of Santa Maria, Brazil.  “I decided to build a timber frame gazebo inspired by some of the projects we had worked on while in class,” he says.

Ricardo’s gazebo created a lot of interest at an architecture exhibition he attended which led to his decision to open his own company.  He explains, “I came back to Brazil after completing the program very confident and ready to start working with timber frame.  To my surprise, only three months after finishing the program I was working in my own company. Timberworks Brasil constructs timber frame gazebos and pergolas.  We have been receiving a lot of orders and are really enjoying the work.”

When thinking back over his journey, Ricardo is very happy with his decision to pursue his passion.  “College of the Rockies was very far away but I am happy I made the decision to take the program there.  It was the push I needed to start working with wood.”

More information on College of the Rockies’ Timber Framing program

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