Never Too Late to Learn

Never Too Late to Learn ~Christie Dueck and her husband moved to Cranbrook in 1999. Christie had amassed 25 years of clerical and administrative positions but decided the timing was perfect for her to add a formal education to her years of experience.~

Christie completed an Office Administration certificate as well as an Administrative Studies diploma in 2001 and 2002 and thoroughly enjoyed her time as a mature student at the College. 

“The instructors were very warm and welcoming,” she says.  “The biggest surprise was the acceptance of the younger students.  Study groups always had a great mix of experience and opinions.  Many times I was sought after by students who were struggling with particular aspects of a course.  I found that quite rewarding.”

After Christie and her husband ran a successful construction company for many years, they switched gears and founded Fisher Peak Camping & Trailer Rentals in 2012.  She found her education at the College has benefited her tremendously while running both businesses. 

“You need a strong understanding of bookkeeping and accounting procedures, marketing, writing, research and the inevitable day-to-day administrative tasks,” she acknowledges. “My education also helped keep me current with the latest technology and instilled the desire to stay on top of that ever-changing landscape.”

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