From Michelangelo to Newton

From Michelangelo to Newton ~Jesse Roberts' educational path took an unexpected turn with the discovery of a new way of looking at things. ~

I have always been more of the right brain persuasion. Throughout high school my interests included arts-oriented fields like history, sociology, and English. My first term at the College of the Rockies reflected these interests and I had a full course load of arts classes with a small smattering of sciences and math.

“I enjoyed all of my classes, but the science and math courses really took me by surprise. Between Interaction with amazing teachers and exposure to interesting course material, my interests started to shift. I felt as though I was growing, not just memorizing facts and passages, but learning new ways to think.

With the tools I developed in class, I was able to take apart a problem and create solutions. New ways of problem solving were awakened in my consciousness and unimagined possibilities revealed themselves. Due to these personal revelations and amazing science and math teachers, I am now pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and hoping to finish my degree in New Zealand.

From the teachers to the lectures, labs, and tutorials, the COTR science and math programs are something I would highly recommend to anyone who might be interested in those fields of higher learning. COTR helped me realize what I wanted to do with my life and provided the perfect stepping stone.

On a side note, my instructors: Leslie Molnar (Math); Dave Dick (Chemistry); Jim Bailey (Math); Rob Tillman (Biology); and Ben Hyde (tutorials, subbing, labs), have all have left lasting impressions and inspired my choices.

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