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DENT-135 - Dental Radiography

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DENT-135Dental Radiography* See note:
* The course cost has not been determined or the course can only be taken as part of a program.

This course introduces students to the basic science of radiation including its discovery, history and modern use within the dental profession. Participants study the necessary equipment and supplies for the various types of films and images that are utilized in the dental profession. This course teaches students to critique films and explain the cause and effect of various equipment and armamentaria adjustments. Students review tips for gaining patient cooperation and a variety of techniques for exposing films intra- and extra-orally. This will include the use of both analog and digital radiography. Students cover how to process films. Once radiographic processing is complete, students are responsible to correctly mount radiographs using anatomical landmarks to help accomplish this activity. Quality assurance and the “As Low As Responsibly Acceptable” (ALARA) principle are also addressed.

Prerequisites: None.

Delivery Method: On-Campus
Lab Required: Yes - please note courses with labs are charged an additional fee of $24.82 per course credit.

Length: 123 hours | Course Outline for DENT-135

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