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EAP-201 - Supporting Students with FASD in the K-12 Classroom

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EAP-201Supporting Students with FASD in the K-12 Classroom3 - credits$426.61

This course provides students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude in providing support to students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in the K-12 classroom. Topic areas covered are attitudes and values, the history, definition, descriptions, and vocabulary related to FASD, as well as understanding the managing behaviour, teaching and learning strategies, family issues, and challenges.

Prerequisites: Minimum 65% in English 12 or equivalent (refer to Course Equivalency Information on the College website); and CYFS 102, CYFS 116, EAP 111, and EAP 112.

Delivery Method: Online

Credits: 3 | Length: 45 hours | Course Outline for EAP-201

EAP-201 Supporting Students with FASD in the K-12 Classroom can be found in the following programs:


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